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Man VS Woman: Making Men Act Like Women

Ever realize that guys won’t see each other for ten years then when they first glance at each other, they do that “man-nod” that takes them up to the present?
What is that? A telepathic message that lets them know everything that happened?
Whereas girls must start where they last saw each other and bring them up to the present using words, of all things.
Joey explains this man nod—they lift their head up when they pass a man they know, they lower their head in greeting to one they do not know. What is that?

Difference between the sexes.
Feminism has tried to destroy what God started in the Garden—where He made male and female.
But they cannot make us equal.
In fact, by trying to blur the boundaries between the genders, they demonstrate their rebellion against their Creator and their disdain for what He has made.
We can easily attack the feminists in their wrong behavior, but how are we different? 
Don’t we expect men to act—well, like us?

Let me illustrate: 
Ever notice that guys don’t get subtleties?
(This illustration was from a long time ago.) I was having a bad day. I wasn’t responding well. I don’t like using my mood as a weapon to brow-beat my boys into obedience, but on this particular day, I was tired of their inability to catch the winds of trouble. I finally told one boy, (this was after yelling at a few others), please don’t bother me right now. If you ask me anything, anything at all, I just might wack off your head.” 
I went to my bedroom and closed the door, hoping for just a few moments to regain some level of “Christian thoughts.” Before the minutes were over, the same boy was at the door asking for, I don’t know what…
He may not live to be a guy with an obtuse ability to grasp the reality of a woman needing some time alone…

Yet knowing this, we as women still expect our men to read our minds. “Where do you want to eat?”
“I don’t know.”
He suggests two or three places.
Nothing sounds good.
We criticize each one.
What’s he supposed to do? Read your mind?
Even we don’t know!
I can think of better things to fight about than what will be dung tomorrow.
When I allow him to choose, he tries to please me.
If I criticize what he chooses, neither one of us is pleased, and he probably wonders why he bothered to take me out to eat anyway.
Don’t ruin his attempt to please you by criticizing what he thought you might like. 
Appreciate it.
Enjoy it.
Perhaps at another time, long after the dinner is over, you may suggest something for the next time that might make it more pleasing, but not in a criticizing way.

In high school I read a book Light of the Western Stars, by Zane Grey. The pretty girl rode the train into the western town. When she arrived at the train station she was met, not by her relative, but by a drunk cowboy who made her marry him before he would take her to her uncle’s ranch.
She did, but thought it was only a hoax to ‘welcome’ her to the wild west. 
The man was the foreman of her uncle’s ranch. 
She “made” him into the cowboy she wanted. 
No violence. No drinking. No…
But when the ranch needed protected and a battle should be fought, she wanted this cowboy to stand and fight.
She realized too late what she had created was not really what she wanted.
It was a critical point in the book.
She needed to let her man do what he was made to do.
But it was too late.
Of course the book ended well and all was fine.

But what about life?
How many times do we as women step in where we do not belong and tell our men how to protect us—like when he wrestles with the kids, or holds the baby wrong—
how to provide for us, how to care for us—when all we should do is say, “Thanks.”
My husband certainly doesn’t do things the way I would do them.
If he did, maybe one of us isn’t needed.
Appreciate your man.

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