How Much Does It Cost for Moms To Stay at Home?

I will not tell you staying home is easy. IT IS HARD. I remember many days calling my husband when the kids were crabby and I was too. I would ask, “Why do I stay at home?” He would say, “Because you love us.” I would reply. “That’s not good enough, why else?”

When I couldn’t bother my husband at work, the Lord brought me a friend to share my grievances at staying at home.
Sometimes being at home is like being the Lone Ranger…fighting children’s attitudes all by yourself.
I went weeks, it seemed when sleep was as foreign as taking an Alaskan cruise, where babies were fussy, children were sick, no one was happy….the house was a wreck…how could it not be if I nursed all day and the children ran wild?
My one break in the day was when my husband came home, held the baby so I could take a long, hot shower BY MYSELF.
Fighting with a worker seems much more enjoyable than fighting with your child’s attitude all day long.
Some days I would give anything not to have to develop “character” in my stubborn child.
This doesn’t even mention how a stay-at-home mom is considered by society as a second-class citizen. She doesn’t contribute to the work force. She doesn’t add something tangible to life…Doesn’t she? This view is very short-sighted and temporary.
(As an insert for the update: When asked what I did for a medical procedure, I said, "I stay at home." The receptionist then said, "So you are unemployed?" When I corrected her to say, "I raise our children." She reaffirmed what she said, "Then you are unemployed."  WOW! Little does she know!
What about the children she raises that know how to work, are disciplined and respectful, that show up for work on time, and complete a job without supervision? Do those things happen by chance? Not in our home.
What about the stable homes because she creates a haven for her husband to come home to?
Sometimes for the mother at home, life becomes nothing but diapers, meals and laundry.
She can prepare meals that are less expensive than premade mixes, because she can take the time.
She can train her children to work, and work beside them.
She can help create memories for her children.

Does any child thank you for changing his diaper? How about all those meals you make? (Although we have trained our boys to thank me for the dinner, that goes a long way!) How many loads of laundry must you do, before someone tells you “well done”?  (Don’t hold your breath.)
Your job is a job of default…no one notices you’ve done anything, until you don’t.
Look at cleaning…you clean but you have this whirlwind of activity called “Children” following you in your path.
Clean? That happens when company is coming, maybe.
Your husband may expect a clean house. He has no idea what your day is like.
How can you nurse all day and do anything else? Does he think you are super-woman and can do it all? He has no idea…
Don’t do it for the reward. Do it because God said it and it is right. Do it for God.

You are providing an environment where your husband can return from being beaten down by the world,
Where he can come to a haven of rest.
Where he can unload his burdens and find peace.
Where two can become one with pleasure.
Where life is what God meant it to be.

You are raising children who know and obey God, who are secure because of your love and discipline.
The cost of staying at home? Obedience.
God won’t ask you in heaven how many papers you filed, or students you taught, or even how many diapers you changed.
But I want to receive His Words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in the little things, I will make you ruler over many.”
What does it take for you to obey His call?

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This is a timely word!

Love this, Sonya, He is good and His ways are good!

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