He Has Not Forgotten Series, Book One

Read it to see why man needs God.

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Are you struggling to understand God's justice in the midst of evil?
Do you read Judges and wonder at man’s evil?
And marvel at God’s grace?
Read six short stories of judges who show the cycle of sin, suffering and salvation.
The Judges Series He Has Not Forgotten Book One
is now available:
But You Have Not Obeyed Me

Why study Judges?

Unlike Joshua, where the Israelites battled evil from without, Judges shows God’s own people fighting sin within. The book doesn’t soften their sin nor entice us to emulate it. Their sin brings their downfall. God delivers His people through judges, reminding them of His faithfulness.

As I researched how their addictive behavior caused by their worship led them farther from goodness, the more I could understand why God let them go. Their depravity was repulsive.

Their self-gratifying lifestyle resembles our own. So like today, where God’s holiness is far from our own thoughts. And our choices bring addictive thought patterns that must be satiated to our own destruction.

Judges warns us of our peril as we live without God. Forgetting God brings ignorance of His Word. Without His Standard, man loses his anchor and finds pleasure in warped deeds. Man doesn’t know he’s lost, until God, in His grace, brings oppression to show his need. Man cries to God. God provides salvation.

In spite of the evil and oppression in Judges, it offers hope, not only to Israel who forgot, but to us, as we parallel their forgetfulness. We see evil growing. How bad can it get? Where is God?

God waits, as in the time of Judges, for us to remember Him. There is great comfort in Judges, not when we look to man who keeps forgetting and falling, but when we look to our great God who does not forget.

He’s still waiting for us to look to Him.

God’s people forget God
They scarcely survive, crushed by their own choices.
When they cry to Him, He restores truth through judges.
These six short stories show their cycle: sin, suffering and salvation.
Othniel, surrounded by evil, remains faithful to God’s truth.
Ehud stirs hope in God.
Shamgar defends God’s Name.
Deborah and Barak find protection in His truth.
Gideon learns God is enough.
Abimelech, without acknowledging God’s worth, never finds his own.
And so, God’s people forget, sin and suffer.
Has God forgotten?
He waits.
And draws them back to Himself.
Today God still says,
But You Have Not Obeyed Me.
Yet He Has Not Forgotten.
All He asks is obedience.

The book of Judges is a book about people forgetting God. They want what they want now without thought of consequences. When suffering and oppression comes, they’re surprised.
When they turn to God, they are shocked when He expects them to repent and obey.
This is the cycle of Judges.
Follow these short stories of the tragedy of disobeying God and the grace He gives to bring them back to the safety in His truth.
Six judges are used by God to bring His people back to Him.

Author of Biblical fiction, married to my best friend, and challenged by eight sons’ growing pains as I write about what matters.

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