Heart Issues or Issues of the Heart?

When you read the Bible, do you see the people as real people? Or do you rush through and just try to find the principle that will help you through the day?  

David cried out to his Lord for mercy. Mary, the mother of Jesus, pondered all these things in her heart. Lot felt the remorse of losing half his family to the world.

Sometimes, rushing through for the principle, won’t allow you to find the gem for the day. The principle is layered beneath the feelings of the people that are portrayed.

Without feeling David’s sin, his desire for forgiveness, his longing for his heart to be right—can you see the Lord’s mercy?

Without pondering as Mary, the things that her Lord did, can you experience the wonderment of the Wedding of Cana and the water turned to wine? The pain of a son grown up, destined to leave her and to die for her?

Or, as Lot, feeling the regrets of leaving your daughters behind in a city destined to be destroyed because they married men of the city and did not heed your warnings. Then to leave your wife, not even knowing that she turned to salt, because you were told not to look back? Feeling remorse deep within from choices that did not meet YAHWEH’s standards. You knew it when you made them, but you wanted what the world offered. Then you found that it cost too much.

The Bible speaks of heart issues: forgiveness, confession, trust. But it also speaks of issues of the heart: the pains that you experience with your family that no one else knows about, but you bear it silently, waiting for change. 

Do you read it? Can you feel the heart of the Bible calling you to trust? Are you able to lay out your soul to the God Who gave His all? 

The Bible is a story of real people. With real hurts, and needs. But it is also about the God Who loves these people and meets their needs. Read it with a heart.

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