My family at the wedding of my oldest son

My Family

This is where the PAUSE is extra-long, because it is dear to my heart. I pause for a deep breath and a quick memory, but others ask to visit for longer than a pause. People ask about the boys, about how we do it, about what it is like. The yearly letters give you a glimpse into those answers.

We’ve lived in the foothills of the Sequoias for over eighteen years. Almost half of the boys were born in the house. We’ve set down roots, not only in our garden and with our animals but in our hearts where the land has helped us settle. We share memories on a yearly basis of what God teaches us, thus the chronicles of the Christmas letters.

Although the boys, quickly grown to be men, manage most of the happenings, I still feel busy with the laundry and making sure there is food on the table. My husband works hard and travels far every day to provide for our experiments. We homeschool and that keeps them gathered around the homestead most days, unless they help others cut wood, weed whack, or complete yard work. Sometimes, they may even throw a loop over a cow that someone needs rounded up.  

Each of the boys has his own talents. Some specialize in mechanics rather than animal husbandry. They are relieved when their job at the barn is finished and they can see grease under their fingernails again. Others long for the smell of hay, horses and cows as they milk and evaluate pastures. All enjoy competing in sports where their legs are stretched and their minds are cleared. Each skill pushes them to their potential, and extends my husband and mine as we help them.

We are asked what animals we now have. It changes. But chickens, cows, horses, cats and dogs seem to be constant. Pigs, goats, sheep, birds and even guinea pigs have passed through our hands and hearts to leave a lesson from God to teach determination and hope. These are busy times, where eight boys learn to be men; men with convictions and courage and skills that will take them into life.

Join me here for the lessons learned from years of life. Lessons of small steps, big hearts, treasured memories and a God Who holds our hands as we walk through it all. Pause. Read. Think.

Author of Biblical fiction, married to my best friend, and challenged by eight sons’ growing pains as I write about what matters.

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