Our Adventures Year by Year

For over twenty years I've been chronicling our family's adventures in yearly Christmas letters.
Watch our family grow and learn alongside 

The letters are listed in reverse chronological order below.

What Is Trust 2017 to be published Dec 12th

Who Has Control 2016

What Is Your Story? 2015

Do Your Parents Want You to be Responsible? 2014

Take Wings and Fly: 2013

The Forever Year--Respect: 2012

Buffaloes and Butterflies: 2011

Why Don't We Have Any Adventures? 2010

The Glad Game: 2009

Things Our Mothers Taught Us: 2008

Cowboy Logic: 2007

Wow! What a Ride! 2006

Peace on Earth? 2005

Grace and Mercy 2004

Dependence: 2003

Enjoying Life: 2002

Be Like a Child: 2001

Battle Zone: 2000

Help! 1999

Whatever Your Hand Finds To Do March 1999

Learning Through a Child's Eyes: 1997

Productive: July 1997

Love, 1996

Available in book form for the first twenty years.
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