Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Ever look into a picture and wonder what it would be to live there?

Ever see an advertisement and know that it is the solution to your problem?

Ever catch glimpses of things or activities that you must have or do?

It’s the ‘grass is greener on the other side of the fence’ temptation, causing discontent and ungratefulness with the present, the now, the here. Sometimes that causes me to change things for the better. But other times I strive to get, to achieve, to aquire what I MUST have, only to find that it wasn’t what it seemed. It didn’t do what it promised. It didn’t last like it should. Those are the times that I am reminded that I’m not in heaven yet, but these yearnings are for something permanent, something perfect, something more than I ever dreamed, but not here.

When I had gone without a vacuum cleaner for several weeks--a major problem during mud season with eight boys doing barn-yard chores--I would remind myself that the old vacuum cleaner had done what it could. When my husband rewarded me with a brand new vacuum, I thought that I was in heaven (for one week), before it too had some malfunction. It was a clear reminder that heaven isn’t here and I’m just passing through, mud and all.

Today, I'm getting better at crossing things of my list of NECCESARY wants, if I wait 30 days and find I got along fine without it. I'm also realizing that if the promise of the item is an instant fix, it is one short step from instant junk. Oh, I still acquire junk, all too easily…but I find that I don’t dream that it will solve all my problems. In fact, I see heaven a bit better when I focus on the short trip to get there.

The look from the outside at people, places, and things, is just that—a glance that doesn’t show you the total picture.

It makes me dream of heaven, desire heaven, and wish for it. Not just for the perfection and the lack of mechanical breakdowns that I will find, but for the true green grass of contentment of just being with Christ, and myself being perfected in Him. If I am perfected, I will see the other things as they truly are, temporary situations for a needy people who need God—Who is always there for them.

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               Sonya Contreras

Author of Biblical fiction, married to my best friend, and challenged by eight sons’ growing pains as I write about what matters.

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