Fall Colors

November 19, 2014

While folks in the rest of the States freeze and wear their long-johns, here California has finally entered the autumn season. I used to say that we have two season: dust and mud. But I have looked hard to find the normal seasons that others experience. I miss the vibrant reds of the maples, for they don't grow here, unless specially planted. But we do see the yellows hanging on the fruit trees lined in rows like soldiers, or the oranges displayed by pumpkins and gourds calling for my glance.

I was able this week to catch the smell of the fallen leaves when I walked by someone blowing leaves in a pile for a parking lot. I told my son it had that earthy fall smell of decay and dirt. (He wasn't impressed.) Time for cinnamon apple cider simmering on the back burner waiting for the boys to awaken and drink, and the smell of woodsmoke as we start our wood-burning stove.

Fall is a time for me to slow down; the garden is finished and we settle down to stay at home for a bit. Fall brings me to reflections, remembering the gifts of the year as I plan our yearly Christmas newsletter. 

This week I'd like to take you down a path of all its colors, telling of the rest the plants will soon have before spring comes again. The best way to do that is through pictures. These made me want to find a pile of leaves to crunch through. Enjoy the season, whichever you may find yourself in!

What season do you like and why? 

I told you I was way behind!! The Fall colors were gorgeous. Would love to see them in New England sometime, but maybe not having so many beautiful trees makes us appreciate them more one by one.

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