What Does it Take to Know the Heart of God?

Do you read your Bible with the knowledge that God is real? How real is your God? Do you strive to find the motive behind His actions? 

Do you assume that is just His love that makes Him act? What about the laws of the Old Testament? Do you look at them in context and realize they were for a people who had just been freed from slavery after 430 years? 

These people had been told what to do and how to act since they were born. It would be like a communist country freed from the bonds of tyranny. The people wouldn’t know what to do. They would not know how to govern themselves. 

Look at the laws that God gave them. They were told specifically how to respond to their God (the first five commandments of the main ten) and how to live with their fellow men (the second five commandments of the main ten). These commandments parallel the two chief commandments: to love thy God and to love thy neighbor. It showed them how to do that. 

Do you see the heart of God through His commands to have no other gods before you? He desires your all. He longs not only for His Own Sake but for yours to truly be, not just first place, but only place in your life, thoughts, passions, and desires. Do you feel His heart, is He calling you? Can you hear or are you so busy with stuff that you cannot listen or hear? 

What does it take to live in the heart beat of God? 

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Author of Biblical fiction, married to my best friend, and challenged by eight sons’ growing pains as I write about what matters.

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