Thoughts to Ponder

November 26, 2014

Sometimes in the hassle of getting ready for the holidays, I lose track of why we have them.  When I slow down, I remember. Thanksgiving is to thank God for what He has done. Christmas is to remember Christ Who came for me. Slow down. Take a breath.

It's for those times that I have sayings taped to my wall by my kitchen window (I do a lot of dishes) and on my refrigerator. Below are a few that help remind me what's important. I hope it helps you to be still and reflect on the Saviour, the reason for any holiday.


Additional verses, quotes, and sayings came be found at my pinterest board "Thoughts for Life"


What sayings remind you of your focus? Share them to encourage others.

Author of Biblical fiction, married to my best friend, and challenged by eight sons’ growing pains as I write about what matters.

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