How Do You Respond to Stupid People?

Have you ever had someone, perhaps a total stranger, tell you something totally uncalled for?

Recently while visiting, I needed to contact my husband. When I called from the land line of the home we were staying, I got a wrong number. I apologized. I dialed again, this time making sure that the number was my husband’s. The lady answered again. I apologized saying I know that I dialed his number. The third time, I again reached this lady. She answered with an attitude, “Don’t call me again.”

Being equally upset, I responded not to kindly, “Do you think that I want to talk to you? I am trying to reach my husband and don’t understand why you answer his number.”

Stupid things that happen…I remember clearly standing in line at the grocery store with three or four children under seven years of age. A lady asked, “Are these all yours? From the same father?”

Many others have asked me if we’re going to try for a girl (after eight boys). I don’t know where people are raised today, but what happens in our bedroom, stays in our bedroom…I don’t broadcast it to every stranger who wants to know. It’s none of their business!

Another time, while waiting for a receipt, the clerk asked me for my last name. After giving it to him, he stared at me before saying, “But you’re white.”

I told him, “If you marry a man with a Mexican name, you have a Mexican name.”

Someone has probably flung insulting words, rude remarks, or stupid questions at you. How can you respond graciously, kindly, but still show their rudeness without lowering yourself to their level of communication?

I read an article, “12 Comebacks for Dealing with Rude People.”

I wished that I could remember them when I’m being told “Don’t call me again.” But I guess what I responded wasn’t too hateful, I think.

Here’s the link. Link Hope it helps you with your stupid people.

How do you respond to stupid remarks? 

Loved your link to the many answers for rude questions. Unfortunately, I'm sure I'd never remember any of these when it actually happened. At the same time, I don't run into very many people so am hardly ever hit with this kind of rudeness. Do so enjoy your blogs!

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