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The last several years I’ve felt impressed by God to write. Twenty-some years of Christmas journaling of our family’s adventures prepared me for the writing that God would ask me to do next. I felt as Moses, prepared in Egypt for something.

The seed that took root in my mind began to sprout as I learned of current research that answered Biblical archaeological questions.

Most scholars can verify the Biblical account of Jewish history all the way back to King David. Not that we need to prove the Bible’s truthfulness by other sources, but skeptics remind pastors and seminary students that the truths of the Bible are not substantiated elsewhere before King David. Doubt and unbelief holds the minds of many as to the truthfulness of the early part of the Bible.

A scientist disturbed by this lack of proof began research over thirty years ago. His research led him to wonder why a major event like the Exodus, not only major in the Bible but in world news, could not be substantiated in the history books. A people, over six million in number, leave a world-renowned power after the land is destroyed by plague after plague---yet no one can show it?

His research pursued these questions. His God led him to the answers. Dr. Gerald Aardsma with his Ph.D. in physics specialized in chronology and radio-carbon dating. He discovered one thousand years were missing in early Biblical dating. He explains his conclusions in laymen’s language. He presents logical, clear concepts. Previous preconceived notions of what ‘should be’ were set aside to accept ‘what is.’

By inserting the extra thousand years missing in the Biblical account, the date of the Exodus for the Israelites becomes 2450 B.C. When that is accounted, secular history of Egypt reveals a nation destroyed without cause, but now we can show a cause.

Historians puzzle over the cause of the fall of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Control was at its height. Power was world-wide. But for no apparent reason Egypt disappeared from the world-ruling map. Its pharaoh, its people, its economy, its records—all stopped, disappeared. As Christians, we have a reason. It is the Exodus of six million people, Egypt’s workforce, leaving after their God brought destruction on Egypt’s people, land, economy, and life.

Prior to this reconciliation of the thousand years, the wanderings of the freed Israelites were nonexistent in archaeological records. Doubt held sway in the minds of people who wanted proof that what the Bible said was truth. History tells of a people who wandered in the Sinai desert for no apparent reason during this earlier time, but now we know a reason.

Following their route, a people of mass numbers can be identified by Reed Sea (not a misspelling). The geography of the area shows that the Israelites would be hemmed in on all sides with nowhere to go when Pharaoh comes with his army. Archaeology substantiates this premise.

Other archaeological and geographical finds help to identify key points of the Israelite journey. The location of Mount Sinai, still debated in Biblical realms, has been located by Dr. Aardsma. Evidence of a mountain where a meteorite landed, consuming part of the mountain, fits Moses’ description of when God stepped down to earth to give the Law. 

Archaeological evidence uncovers a people who lived at the bottom of this mountain for an extended time, with two cultures, one with stone dwellings (Moses’s Moabite wife), and others more temporary. Archaeological evidence further uncovers two layers. One built on top of the other, with the same period’s pottery shards. The Biblical account explains what happened. A group of Israelites questioned Moses’ authority. The earth swallowed them, their families, and their belongings. The story can be found in the sand.

Jericho and other key battles have been also substantiated with this dating, verifying a people who moved into Palestine. These findings were unexplained before this dating shift.

Although the entire wanderings of the Israelites have not been mapped, Aardsma leaves this for other researchers to perform. He prays for another Christian to see the need, hear the call, and complete the journey that was once taken so many years to go. 

The Bible stands alone. But unbelievers have legitimate questions that need to be answered. Who else but Christian archaeologists can research those answers for the skeptic world? 

So what does that have to do with my writing? 

That is the answer to the “What?” that I asked God several years ago. What do I write? Of God’s faithfulness. Of God’s People. Of the Exodus.

Like Moses, I questioned “Why me?” I was willing, but no expert. I’m not a scientist, just a teacher of science. I taught two years in the ‘real world’ before God moved me to teach my own children at home. My life paralleled Moses as he trained in Egypt’s palace then moved to the desert for time away from the world. Actually Moses ran from Egypt after killing a man. I didn’t kill anyone but I needed healing from being trampled by the ‘real world.’

During that time of desert training, God called Moses to his mission. He called and Moses said, “Here am I.” Yet Moses was quick to say, “I can’t speak.”  I, too, can answer with my inabilities. God’s promise still holds true, He gave the words to Moses and He will give me the words.  No, I don’t have a brother who would speak for me, as Moses did, but He shares His Spirit, telling me “take the next step.”

Water the seed that He gives. 

So the next question for me was: Why? Why do I write? 

I tell the correct time for the Exodus, thus reconciling archaeology with the Biblical account. 

But more than just an academic pursuit of proofs and findings, I show a God Who is real.

God proves to His suffering people that He is a trustworthy Friend but He shows a power to be reckoned with to those who demand His control. The Hebrews’ cry for help brings God’s aid. He rescues them using flies, boils, hail, and darkness. These hardships woo His people to confide in Him. Will they trust Him? 

His enemies’ quest for power consumes them bringing judgment beyond their imagination. Will they turn to God before it’s too late? 

God reveals Himself like no other time in all history. How will His Name be known as the only true God, not just to Egypt and to His Chosen People, but to the world? 

 “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you My power and that My Name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” Exodus 9:16

My book Until My Name Is Known tells of God’s faithfulness. 

God continues to desire His Name to be proclaimed in the entire world. It will again be proclaimed at the end of time, when He will be declared King of kings, Lord of Lords, the Great I AM. At that time, just like the time of Egypt, no one will be able to question His authority.  No one will do anything, but fall on their knees and worship and acknowledge Him as Supreme. He will no longer be seeking friends; He will be demanding their total allegiance. He will reign as True King. 

This is why I write. The seed has been planted and watered. It must be cultivated, encouraged, and marketed, just like Moses had to baby his people through the wilderness. I can gain great encouragement from Moses as I see him knowing God, in spite of the failure of his people to obey.

This is why I Pause. Write. Know. This is why I can encourage you to Pause. Read. Think. 

 I will trust God for the increase for His faithfulness endures forever.

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