Reading Chair Worth Using

Looking for a good reading chair? or sewing chair? or nursing chair?
One that’s cheap, durable, child-friendly and comfortable.
Look no further.
I recently researched chairs for reading. (We got rid of a lot of furniture when we moved, and now have only very uncomfortable chairs). 
Various websites shared what they found. 
What I found was an overwhelming selection of expensive recliners or chairs that wouldn’t fit my decorating nor price.

But I did find this— called a rattan papasan chair.



At Walmart for  $125.66

(More than a thrift store find, but thrift store chairs aren't comfortable or clean.)

Available elsewhere also.
Has different colors (I chose sage).
Was delivered to my door.

My husband thought it “very ’70-ish”; I guess so.
Pinterest shows how you can make a new cushion (when needed).
This one is soft, squishy, yet supportive.
The round base is flexible allowing one to recline or sit straight.
No back strain from sitting in it all day (I tried while hand sewing.)
No uncomfortable positions.
​Don’t know if it’s because the cushion gives with you, or the base changes angles….but it works.

I would like to get a foot stool.
And a reading light (so I don’t have to get up to turn off the light when I’m too comfortable and sleepy.)
And a rug.
All wishful thinking....
But the chair alone is soooo nice.

Hope this helps you decide.

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