What Baseball Teaches Kids About Life

This is dedicated to all the sports moms who wonder why they are on the bleachers game after game.

Not everyone makes the team.
Uniforms show you belong.
Not everyone can pitch.
Only players get to bat.
You have to be on the field to play.
Three strikes and you’re out.
You only get three outs.
Sometimes the call isn’t right.
“Out” isn’t forever.
No crying in baseball.
Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose.
Not many hit home runs, but a one-base hit gets you in the play.
You can’t be afraid of the ball.
Catch the ball. Then throw the ball.
Swing like you want it.
Stop the ball, then throw it.
Outfield isn’t for flowers and butterflies.
The game is not over till the last inning.

There’s more to life than baseball, but not much.

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I'm not a sports mom, but love your analogies. Baseball really does teach a lot, if the parents allow it to.

Are you kidding me... I could write an article about "Women "me" in the water industry... And the men who don't want to hear what I have to say .....

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