Expecting Jesus

Who did the Jews expect Jesus to be?
A man who announced His coming, was not a religious leader, but dressed in camel’s hide eating locust.
The Messiah came.
He was the Long Expected One.
But the people expected someone different.
They expected Him to come in glory, He was placed in a manager by a lowly virgin.
They expected a king, He came as a servant.
They expected Him to overthrow the Romans, He came as an obedient subject.
They expected Him to overthrow Rome, He instilled power that could conquer any government.
They expected the mighty to be His subjects, He told them to become like a child.
They expected that money could buy position, He asked for their hearts.
When they saw Him, they expected only the Jews to be helped, He came to help the Samaritan who had faith.
They expected Him to call the mighty, He went to the weak.
They expected Him to condemn the publicans, sinners and prostitutes, He forgave them and asked them to follow Him.
They expected him to be independent, He relied on His Father.
They expected tolerance for their religious ways, He said, “I am the only way.”
They expected to continue in their dark ways, He shined His light on all areas.
They hated Him, He loved them.
They perpetuated self-reliance, He relied on His Father.
They gloried in their own self-righteousness, He imparted His perfect righteousness.
They expected to continue in their sin, He rebuked it.
When questioned by the rulers to catch Him in His words, He left them silent.
When beaten, He took it.
When denied, He expected it.
When rejected, He stood alone.
He didn’t call twelve legions of angels, but submitted to death.
When Jesus came to the Jews, they weren’t ready for Him.
Their expectations didn’t match what Jesus did.

Jesus didn’t fulfill people’s expectations.
His actions surprised them.
His words silenced them.

Who are we expecting?
We weren’t expecting the Jesus Who came.

Are you suffering today and demanding Jesus to take it away?
Are you confused by what you expect God to do for you?
Are you questioning whether God has the right to do this to you?

What do you expect of Jesus?

Go to the Scriptures and allow Jesus to open your understanding.

He will change your expectations to surpass what you thought.

What do you expect of Jesus?

Lots to think about, thanks for sharing. Have a special day tomorrow worshiping our Lord and Savior.

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