Why Do Boys Fight? And Is that Good?

Ever ask why boys stopped learning in schools?
Schools in the 1800’s were exclusively taught by men.
And boys exceeded in academics.
What changed?
Women started to teach.
Boys lost their male mentors. And their motivation.
Women changed the way they taught to adjust to how girls would respond, it wasn’t intentional, just natural—at first.

When men ruled the work force, it was indeed a “man’s world.”
When women entered, they changed “man’s world” to make it softer.
But in the process, women became harder.

When the U.S. army had men in one area and women were “BRATS”, men could be men and trained as men.
Now, the boundaries are slurred and 100-year old training and standards are changed to accommodate what women can do. 
Men train beside women. 
It makes for a weaker army. 
It also changes men. 
They cannot focus on the mission. They are distracted.
Instead of assuming their partner will make it, they must squelch their desire to help them.
That divides them.

No longer do you see posters of a mud-splattered soldier running with all his gear toward the enemy, instead they show women who think they can compete with man, and the men must agree or lose everything. 
The army gives sexual harassment classes (regularly). (In other words, how not to get in trouble by hurting a woman’s feelings.)
This is in place of training for weapons qualifications, navigation testing and other “secondary” training needs.  

So all that to ask, is fighting necessary for men? And good?
Rik Storey, in his article, Why Fighting Is Good for Men and Boys, supports the affirmative.
Education acknowledges “boys need ‘rough and tumble’ play for their mental and physical wellbeing!”
But because more educational institutions are superintended by women, this pushes boys’ aggressive needs aside, under the guise of “no violence.”

History teaches us...
Viking boys at age 6-7 were taught the marital art of Glima.
Greeks taught their boys to wrestle.
Hoplites, under the Greeks, practiced combatives. 
Which, not only strengthened their community, but enabled farmers to fend off the Persian Empire.
But even before these, God had the Israelites learn the art of war to conquer the inhabitants of the land He provided.
Even after they were in their land, God wanted them to be skilled in warfare and allowed some of the inhabitants to reside with them.
Judges 3:2-3 says, These are the nations the Lord left to test all those Israelites who had not experienced any of the wars in Canaan.

God wanted them to know how to fight!

Storey started an unofficial fight club in college for men only (back when it could be "just men").
He described his group as “a generation of men raised by women.”
Half of the men in his year signed up within a week.
Women scream about the violence.

What about bullying? 
Who heard of bullying when boys could fight?
When boys were “permitted” to rough house and do battle with each other, they operated under an inherit code of ethics.
They did not intentionally seriously injury their friends.
In fact, their fighting strengthened peer relationships, minimized bullying and segregation.

When Storey fought as a child, “If someone took things ‘too far’, they were ostracized from the fun, at least until they calmed down and apologized.
If someone got hurt, we stopped, checked whether they were just being a pussy or needed to get themselves mended; we kept calm and carried on.”

Men haven’t changed.
What man likes the new football rules that minimize aggression?
Why have they changed? 
More women watch.

My solution for when my eight boys wrestled was not to watch.
Maybe more women should step back and allow their man be a man, instead of telling him how to be one.
Man’s natural role as protector has been suppressed, so much so that men who feel aggressive wonder what’s wrong with them.
Nothing. They are made to do battle.
That fighting spirit is created in men to keep enemies away.
We need to support our men in their role as protectors.
We need them to protect us.
And thank God they still can.


Storey, Rick. Why Fighting Is Good for Men  and Boys. November 24. November 24, 2016.

I write about what you---
women, wives and moms---
about your family, faith and future.
I write about what's hard, what helps and what heals.
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I write about what Him.
               Sonya Contreras

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I hadn't thought about the fact that when boys and men aren't allowed to wrestle, to play fight, etc. that they turn to bullying. And with all the anti-bullying rules schools have today, the bullying is worse than ever!

We have feminized our whole society to everyone's detriment and I can't imagine there is a way to reverse that course. Even in our laws and courts, "feelings" count more than right and wrong. God help us.

Thanks for sharing, always so enjoy your articles.

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