What's Your Hurry?

Do you hurry from one place to another?
Speeding from event to another event.
Is everything an emergency?
The more things we have, the more our things require our time.
Bigger house? Clean more. 
Bigger garden? Water more. Weed more. Can more.
Racing from one thing to another does not reflect peace.
Instead it shows a misplaced focus.

When you have a single all-consuming focus, you can say “no” to lesser things that don’t help you reach that focus.
We’ve allowed non-essential things to crowd our time with God.
We sleep in, don’t have time for God and pray He blesses our day.
We return from work, throw together dinner, help with homework, prepare children for bed and fall wearily into bed exhausted, promising to read the Bible in the morning.
But the next morning is the same.
You say, “It’ll be better when the kids are bigger.”
But it isn’t. It’s harder. 
Now you’re busy with their things too.
“It’ll get better when the kids are gone.”
But it isn’t. How can I be busier now than before?
But it happens.
When you look back on where your time was spent…it’s just gone.

I started writing when I was a child.
When raising my boys, I couldn’t write. 
But as the boys got older, my opportunity for writing returned.
By waiting, I gained insight and experience that helped other wives and moms.
Today many mom blogs are written by moms with two children— 2 years old and younger.
Their solutions seem shallow and ineffective. Yet they have a great following.
I cringe at their recommendations. Their ways have not been seasoned.
They are a young woman leading young women.
How do they even have time to write?
That’s why the Bible says, “Older women teach the younger.”
But I had to wait to reach that “older woman” stage.
Sometimes good things are not to be done now.

Ever notice something about Jesus?
He never hurried anywhere.
His focus was so intense on what God wanted Him to do, He had time to spend in long hours of prayer.
(Who has time for that now?)
He ignored things that weren’t crucial—for those things that were essential.
Mary chided him for delaying—“If you’d been here, Lord, Lazarus wouldn’t have died.”
But Jesus arrived just in time to raise Lazarus from the dead.
It’s not our time, it’s God’s.

Each miracle Jesus performed changed the person physically. 
Those healed did not all accept Him—remember the 10 lepers?
Only one returned to thank Him.
You can't judge effectiveness by immediate fruit.
James, Jesus's own brother, didn't recognize Him as Lord until after His resurrection. 
What is more delayed than raising your children to know God?
Stages of diapers, toddler's tantrums and learning to read do not immediately give evidence to godly persons!

You say, “I don’t have time for that….”
“Interruptions are our day.”
Those questions your children ask when they’re going to bed are the things that hinder us from doing our things.
Those little moments enable us to teach our children eternal messages that will stay with them for life.
Who cares about our things?

All those things you are busy with, if they aren’t sanctioned by God, shouldn’t be done.
Even if they're good things.

Panic attacks seem prevalent, even in the church.
Why? People do more things than they should.
Being busy elevates the “worth” of an individual.
Even children are anxious or depressed.
If their child does music, sports and academics, they will succeed in life. 
So every parent rushes their child to participate in everything.

We limited our boys, though they were extremely athletic, to one sport a year, because we wanted to keep our time with family. 
They are not hurt today by their lack of participation. 
Of course none of them made it to professional sports, although many were eligible.:) 
But they value family.

When was the last time your family ate dinner together?
That time is crucial for the family.
It is non-existent in most families today.
Because worthless things have taken its place.

People think, "If they volunteer for every church program and project, God will bless."
Try this project, see if God will allow it to succeed.
God is not in the business of experimenting to see if this is what you should do.
He already knows. Ask Him.
Then wait for His answer.
When you hurry ahead of His will, you've left God behind.

God doesn’t bless everything you do, just because it’s a good thing.
Not all good things are for you to do.
Or for you to do now.
If you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing, don’t expect God’s blessing.


When you enter God's presence to present your needs and requests, you are there on HIS time.
Time doesn't matter with God.
He wants you to rest in Him.
You can't "rest in God" fast.

My husband tells anxious patients, “Make a list of everything you must do and every commitment you have, including the obvious, like taking out the trash, should you stay married, should you go to church…. 
Evaluate, with prayer, what you must do, and what you should set aside.”
Anxiety comes from your subconscious mind trying to fix and do all the things you have crammed back there so you don’t have to think about it when you are conscious.
When you sleep, those unresolved issues come to mind and you become anxious.
It’s no wonder you wake up unable to breathe with a racing heart!
No one can do all those things you're trying to do.

Anxiety comes from doing more than what you should.

Sometimes that manifests itself in trying to control things you can’t.
Trying to change your husband? If you aren’t submissive, you may master him, but both of you will end up miserable. 
Anxiety attacks will increase, because you are carrying a burden God never met for you to carry—headship of the family.

After evaluating your list of what you should do, give those to God. 
Ask Him to work through you to complete them.

Even doing the right things, at the right time, without God’s help, will result in frustration. 

Jesus didn’t heal everyone.
He healed those who came to Him.
Not all were willing to come.

Remember the rich man? 
He came to Jesus, but went away from Jesus sad.
He wasn’t willing to do as Jesus said.
He couldn't give it to God.
We are like that.
We try to do good things, without God.
Like making a recipe without salt. Remember Are You Salty?
God isn't there.

When you minimize what you should do,
you find strength for what you must do.

Jesus set his face toward the cross.
That was His reason for coming.
That was His purpose for living.

All those other things—healing, teaching, living—pointed Him to the cross.
They were essential to authenticate His ministry.

We have been made to please God.
Whatever we do should reflect that.
Making time with Him is essential.
(Do a study on verses that say, "This pleases God.")
Anything that does not, eliminate.

Maybe it’s television time, even news.
How does news help us please God?
Do you justify your time?
(Maybe you should read Are You a Manipulator? again!)

Evaluate all that you do in light of how it pleases God.
Eliminate the un-necessary.
So you can concentrate on the essential.

There's a lot to be said for a simple life.
We minimize what we do and have. 
We focus on what is important.
That takes the hurry out of our life so we can truly live.

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We have often felt so pushed because of all the things we MUST do. You are so right, it is crazy. So I'm sitting here thinking about all that is on my list and realizing I plan way more in a day than I can ever do, so it's transferred to the next day and the next, when I start to get frustrated. This is such a great reminder to mothers especially, what is most important? And don't forget to put your husband before your kids, then everyone is happier!

I write about what you---
women, wives and moms---
about your family, faith and future.
I write about what's hard, what helps and what heals.
I show you how it's done. And not done.
I hold your hand as you find what matters to the Savior.
And let go of those things that mattered to you, but not to Him.
I write about what Him.
               Sonya Contreras

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