I write about what you---
women, wives and moms---
about your family, faith and future.
I write about what's hard, what helps and what heals.
I show you how it's done. And not done.
I hold your hand as you find what matters to the Savior.
And let go of those things that mattered to you, but not to Him.
I write about what Him.
               Sonya Contreras


Fall Colors
Why I like fall...colors, crisp leaves, earthy smells, garden's closed, reflections, remembering, colors, sweaters, hearty soups, warming fires, vibrant colors, apple dumplings, pumpkin pastries, crunchy leaves, did I say colors? These are taken from my pinterest board.

While folks in other States freeze and wear their long-johns, here, California has finally entered the autumn season. We have only two seasons: dust and mud. I miss the vibrant reds of the maples, for they don't grow here, unless specially planted. But we do see the yellows hanging on the fruit trees lined in rows like soldiers, or the orange of pumpkins laying in the fields.

Time for cinnamon apple cider, simmering on the back burner, waiting for the boys to awaken, and the smell of wood-smoke from our wood-burning stove.

Fall is a time for me to slow down; the garden is finished and we settle down to stay at home. Fall brings me to reflections, remembering the gifts of the year as I plan our yearly Christmas newsletter. all its colors, foretells of the rest before spring comes again. Enjoy the season, wherever you find yourself.

UPDATE: Oklahoma has fall colors. And I do enjoy them. Often the greens turn immediately to brown and forego the vibrant colors, depending on the weather, which is unpredictable. Squirrels are in a frenzy to gather nuts. Birds are migrating from other places. Here, people decorate with lots of pumpkins; the colors adding to their porches and stairs. The coolness gives a crisp, snap to the air that makes sweaters, hot tea and soups appreciated.

A time to reflect, to close down the summer season, prepare for winter. Garden hoses must be stored, last tomato plants pulled, dirt laid to rest for the winter, and here crawlspaces must be closed up to prevent pipes from freezing. The humidity isn't so oppressive, making any work so much better. Yet the feeling in the air makes you think it will linger just a bit longer. But it soon leaves, faster than I'm ready, for another season. 

A time to reflect. To give thanks. To slow down. To give praise. To remember God's faithfulness over the year. 

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