Embarrassed and Sorry.

Over the years of writing articles, I’ve endorsed products with hesitation. 
I recognize the financial struggles many of my readers have, especially raising many children on one income. 
When I’ve endorsed something, I weigh carefully whether it would be worth it when money was low and many needs were high.
I’ve written several articles regarding the supplement developed by Dr. Aardsma. See these articles: Forever Listing.

It is with great regret that I apologize to my readers—not for the great product, for I have seen it do wonderful things: it’s removed my necessity for daily pain medication, it’s removed the characteristic Parkinson’s gait and tremors of others, it’s eliminated my son’s headaches that were controlled but not eliminated with strong medication, it’s helped with prostrate problems, cancer and other ailments.

It is a wonderful supplement that I have endorsed heartily.
And unfortunately I must say, “but”.
I cannot endorse the marketing (purchasing process).
Family and friends have approached us with their concerns and frustrations. 
We can only listen and empathize.

Purchasing the supplement is cumbersome, restrictive and not user-friendly. 
If we had not experienced the benefits, and seen other’s benefits of this vitamin, I would not continue to purchase it.

Some continue to buy the supplement (because it works) but with great reservation and frustration.
I understand. 
We have gone through the same process.
My husband will only continue taking it if I do, and he wants to. And so, I continue. At this time.
But, not without swallowing a lot of anger and bile.
We must weigh our decision every time.

I use to tell others about the product all the time. And give it away.
Now I tell them with hesitation and reservation and an apology. 
I do not even have enough for our family.
If you were one of those who started on the drops because of me, I am sorry—not for what it could do for you, because it does work—but for what you must do now do to buy it. 
Please accept my apology.

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