Do You Believe?

You believe the Bible about the “important” things…like Jesus’s blood takes away your sin, when you repent, but what about what the Bible says about other things?
Do you still believe?
God gives good.
Do you believe that?

The Bible says, Adam lived 930 years. Seth lived 912 years, Enosh lived 905. Kenan lived 910 (See Genesis 5).
It’s easy to imagine that with fairy tale stories and science fiction, but to actually believe it happened?
What would a person DO with that many years?
We are constrained by time.
God made us like that. But our time has been limited.
Moses told us our life span would be 80 years.
I can understand that.
I believe, because I see it.
We equate getting older with aches, pain, immobility, wrinkles, sags, extra weight and death.
We have all been struck with the disease of aging. Some show it more than others.
I started getting magazines in the mail when I turned 40 about how to make my face look younger and my body work like it did when I was 20. (How did they find me?)  I ignored them for the scams they were.
Sometimes I’d ask my husband, “What about this one?”
He’d look at me with that look. “If it worked like they said it did, they wouldn’t have to advertise. Everyone would be using it.”
I’d sigh. “Guess you’re right.”
Recently I’ve been bombarded by someone sharing how a cream erases winkles. I could have my husband work his magic and fix my wrinkles. But I don’t like pain.
Advertisements know who to target. They promise to change my outside, or fix one thing on the inside, But it never addressed the problem of aging, it only masked its symptoms.
They didn’t correct the problem.  

How much of those problems result from the disease of aging?
We don’t know.
But with aging, I found myself shutting down life. It took too much energy to make bread, I started to buy it. It took too much effort to work the garden, I made it smaller. It wasn’t a priority to clean my house, when others things were more important, so the dirt added up.
Over the years, I wasn’t even aware of how many things I stopped doing, or didn’t try doing, because… well just because.
That’s part of the disease of aging. You shut down. You stay home. You accept comfort. So you can die. It doesn’t help you to live.
God gives good.
Do you believe that?

As this supplement extends life, people ask, “Why would I want to live that long?”
I don’t know. But when God gives something, He gives something good.
We limit how many children we will have, because we don’t believe what God says. He says children are a gift. I’ve never heard anyone say, “We shouldn’t have had children.” But I know of many who wished they had more. God knows what is best.
We don’t quite believe what God says about giving Him the tithe first, so we hold back. We don’t learn the lesson of giving.
We say we believe, but we think we know better.
God gave those people in the Old Testament long lives. That was for their good.
Now when He offers us a long life, again, we say, “No, thank you. I’ll take what I get.”
While we suffer needlessly and live lives half of what He wants for us today.
I’m not looking to live long. I’m wanting to live today for God.
Without this supplement, I live a sub-standard existence. God wants to give me more.
I’m afraid for what He wants. Will it be best?
Remember God is good. He gives good. He is good.

Do we believe God?
Yes, we believe Jesus saved us. But does God know best for us today?

Jesus promised a victorious life. A life more abundant and free.

I was inspired by older ladies in our church who kept striving, reaching for the goal, doing more for God. But I couldn’t imagine how, when life at half their age was so hard.
Jesus enabled me to face the day.
But sometimes I accepted a life of survival until heaven.
This aging process made me long for heaven where there would be no pain, no struggle just to do the next thing.

Why would you want to live hundreds of years?
My mind can’t compute hundreds of years. But it does hear today will be better. I can do the things I used to do… make bread, play the piano, maybe even clean my house.
I’m not looking to live longer. I’m looking to live today better. If I can live today better, I’ll let God worry about tomorrow. But it will be brighter, because of what I was able to accomplish today.

Do you believe?
You may not want to believe Old Testament people lived hundreds of years.
But you can find out for yourself whether today will be better.

The supplement and further explanation is available HERE for the cost of shipping and whatever you can donate. 

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Mrs Sonya,

If I took this supplement do you think it would make me sleep too heavy to cosleep with my 5 mo old? Also do you think it would be harmful to my breastfeeding infant?

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