Are You Vaccinated?

I won’t unless I’m made to. 
Why? I can’t give you any tangible reasons, but if I'm not sure, I don’t do it (Romans 14:23).
I don’t trust a government who has their best interest in mind, not mine.
And have repetitively given false information about the virus.
And offers a vaccine that has not been tested.

Here’s a group of doctors who have some major considerations for this vaccine. Most concerning is that it hasn’t tested.
Those who would not normally be in danger of contracting COVID, can now die from it after being vaccinated.
Those who are not even in the risk category can become infertile.
The doctors are very clear that these risks are not proven, but the vaccine is known to have these possible problems.
Their main concern is that IT HASN’T BEEN TESTED.

Who's endorsing vaccination of our younger generation—Bill Gates, who wants to control population.
Who are they pushing for vaccination?
Those essential people: health care providers and military.
Those groups are not at high risk to get the virus, until they receive the vaccine.

The video is long, but worth listening to in its entirety. 
Listen and consider.
Click here for the link.

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