A Gift Worth  Giving

(Though it may seem like an advertisement, well,...sure consider it as one. I want you to be around with me as I "age.")
I know I’ve just finished several articles about de-cluttering and not allowing things to take the place of people or God, yet Christmas is coming. And we do live in the world.

If you are struggling with what to get someone on your list, consider the supplement by the Aardsma’s. Read about what I've written about it before on the listing of articles under FOREVER. Dr. Aardsma continues his research, fine-tuning the dosage, and finding the mechanism (how and why it works). He has added an additional supplement that reverses the effects of aging.

The testimonials that are coming in are phenomenal. We personally know of one diagnosed with Parkinsons* who has lost the characteristic gait associated with the disease and has been given less medication for his treatment plan.

Read testimonials on their website

Those who have been on it for awhile forget what they were like before the supplement—the pain, incontinence, little issues, that old look in their face—that the supplement has over time lessened, corrected or eliminated. When they forget to take the supplement or run out, the pain returns, the issue recurs. They remember.

I know what you are thinking…what a bunch of witch-doctoring.
Satan has done an excellent job at preparing the world NOT to receive this news. Those other cure-alls treated the symptoms of aging, not the cause. They were found by accident. This supplement was carefully researched from a Biblical perspective—that means, we are not talking add a few more years of life. We are suggesting returning to the hundreds of years they lived prior to Noah’s flood. But no promises.

I like that this day is do-able. (see If You Could Live Forever)

It has changed our view of end times. (Just like the Jews weren't looking for their Messiah in a manger, our view of end times may be thwarted by our own thoughts on how it should be, not what the Bible actually says.) 

If you have a family member suffering with pain, or lack of energy or motivation, or—why look at someone else—aren’t we all getting older?
Take the supplement for yourself!

Get it here.

*Corrected from a previous edit.

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