What Has Changed?

I recently was looking through old photo albums. What dreams, predictions, and promises! I laughed at what I thought was so important back then. I knew it all (well, most of it.) How simple of me! What I thought was so important…yet don’t even give a thought to now…Have things changed?

Don’t I still dwell on things that are so temporary…what to make for dinner? Why do I save this?

My mom recently moved to live with my sister. My sister has been sharing pictures for us sisters to claim of mom’s things…things she no longer can use or want.

Memories come…piano books where I struggled to find the right keys. A tray reminding me not only of my mom but of my grandma. But as I put my claim on some, hoping I’m not taking what other sisters will want, do I cling to the memories or will I make more memories with what I take?

I’ve been going through my things again. What’s essential? What clutter! A memory. A forgotten use. Tucked away in some corner for tomorrow. I’ve forgotten the use, but I still feel the memory of how useful it once was.

One of my sisters died, how many years ago? I keep her memory by her things. Is her memory any less without the thing? How do I part with sentiment? With that lingers over another time…

Isn’t that why God told His people, “Make a memorial”? Stack stones here, so you remember.

Aren’t we a forgetful people? We get busy with today. We only remember the promises when we look back to where we once were. We forget what God has done when we think about tomorrow. Has He changed?

I have changed. My simple pleasures have added a bit of fluff. I like comfort, security, knowing expectations. I still can’t just pick up and leave, but nor must I prepare for everything---I don’t need diapers and toys anymore. But I will take water.

My needs have changed. I want beauty not just ugly function. I long for quiet not just filler noise. Maybe the rose-colored glasses of youth have just scratched enough to show me that perfect isn’t here. Beauty awaits me in heaven.

What has changed? Me. I’d like to think my changes are because I know God better…but I doubt it. I feel like I change sometimes more like the wind than the weather. Those changes are unsettling.

What gives me security?

God still keeps His promises.
My God is still there.
Christ is all I need.

How do you look at life differently than several years ago?

What a great reminder for all of us of what is temporary and what is truly permanent. Thanks for the reminder, we all need this.

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