What Do You Value? Time Will Tell

How you spend your time shows what you think is important.

The Washington Post survey shows how Americans value certain activities:

Crises make you consider what you value.
A dying person has never lamented, “I wish I’d worked more.” But there are many who’ve said, “I wished I spent more time with family.”

When you consider what’s eternal—people and God’s Word…it helps us focus.

A clean house, a fancy meal, although important, are not eternal.
I can waste a lot time on things that aren’t even important, the non-essential things.

Technology seems to consume my time. 
When I go to Pinterest, I can get so absorbed in all those great ideas I’ll never do, or recipes I’ll never try, or inspirational sayings—that I never live. And I’ve lost an hour.
I post my article on Facebook and catch up on others’ news, and another hour is gone.
I can only imagine what checking it every day would do!
We hosted a party for my son’s church. One mom commented, “I’ve never been in a house before without a tv.” My husband and I chose not to own one. I don’t miss it. I’ve never regretted it.
It’s too easy to be controlled by it, not only by the time wasted, but by its influence. It’s too east to plop down and be entertained—then wonder where the hours went. Not to mention how it’s message slowly changes your values.
Gaming has become an addictive malady, comparable with drugs and drinking. Again see this article.
Even the phone…I like texting. The boys text me when they arrive (especially when one rides his motorcycle). I tell them thx. (No smart phone for me yet.) Quick. Easy. Done.

My husband frequently asks his teenage patients, “How soon do you expect an answer when you text someone?”
They look at him incredulously. “Immediately.”
He then tells them, “Your skin will get better. But not immediately. Your treatment will take time.”
We expect answers NOW.
Fast food is no longer fast enough.
With that sense of urgency, we no longer know how to relax.
Work is brought home. It eats into our family time at dinner.
Or does a family even eat dinner together?
Remember what’s important? What’s eternal?
Those important things must be kept a priority. It takes effort. Focus. Work.
You don’t have time for….You’ll rearrange your schedule for what you value.
You forget…You’ll remember what you want.
What you value, you do.
So where do you spend your time?
Washington Post’s survey was rather revealing of America.
We would rather watch tv than know God.
We would rather make our outside beautiful than pray for God to change our hearts.
What would a survey of your time reveal about you?
Time will tell.

How do you keep your focus on what's important?

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