Something To Hang Onto

I have a lilac tree in my front yard.
Over the years, it has survived many cows pruning its branches until chased out of the fenced area. It's become a symbol for spring and hope for me.
I’ve watch in the spring for its blooms—a sign that winter days will soon be gone and life will come again to the land.
Some years, I’ve watched it bloom then frost would shorten its blooms. But then it would bloom again, twice in one year. I would rejoice in the promise God sent to me of hope, of new life.
This past summer, my son planted ground cover around the lilac. It grew like weeds. Their flowers attracted bees all summer long, but my lilac tree was dying, limb by limb.
I tried watering more and watering less. I didn’t know what to do.
But as more limbs drooped and their leaves turned brown, I gradually accepted the tree would be dead by fall.
Until someone said, “Looks like it needs sunshine.”
“Sunshine?” I asked. It got the same amount it always got.
“Look at its roots. Some plants need sun at their roots.”
I looked at the glorious growing ground cover hiding the dirt under its limbs. That would make a difference?
It was worth a try.
My son took away all the ground cover around the tree.
I tried not to think of all that nice, green gone. If this didn’t help my tree…
Two weeks later, my lilac tree had leaf buds and flowers blooming—in the fall.
I cried for joy.
It wouldn’t die. At least not this year.
And I had learned a valuable lesson.
Sometimes even the roots need sunshine.
Perhaps that’s why there are dry seasons in my own life. To allow the vegetation that smoothers my roots to die off, so the light of God’s Word can pierce through the soil and revive my roots.
Without the sunshine to the roots where no one sees, the fragrance of the flowers can’t be smelled.
A lesson from the lilac tree of God’s hope through His gardening.

What little thing given you hope?

What a great illustration of God's truth in our lives. Even what seems good, like "GREEN," can be harming us. I too would have found it hard to pull out that pretty growing green, but God always wants the best for us. Thanks for sharing.

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