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Update on Vitamin MePA
This is a detailed report of our observations since taking the supplement.
It takes only a drop a day in water.
I started taking the supplement, not to live LONGER, but to live BETTER today.
After 42 days of taking the supplement, here’s what we’ve noticed.

The first several weeks, we noticed “dry mouth” and a craving for more water, but that has subsided.
It gives a feeling of fullness faster while eating. Because I ate like I normally did, I’ve gained weight.
Because of this, we’ve stopped one of our teenagers from taking it. (After only a week of taking it.) Wasn’t sure if it would affect their growth.

One son broke his wrist. He’s been taking it regularly. We asked the doctor after two weeks in a cast, how he would compare the healing. He said he was ahead of schedule. But because “people wouldn’t be happy if something went wrong,” he wouldn’t allow his cast to be removed early.

My gums and teeth hurt consistently for two or three months prior to taking it. After starting, they no longer hurt.

Before I would have leg cramps in bed or even while sitting. I had started taking magnesium prior to the supplement, with no help (but maybe not long enough), with the magnesium and the supplement, the leg cramps have resolved.

My hand cramps have stopped. I would get them as I typed. (They would be debilitating and unable to massage the cramp out of my hand.) I can also play the piano longer without pain. I use to take pain medicine two or three times a week for my hands, I no longer need to. (Although I do still have some pain, it’s manageable without medicine.)

I do still have headaches, requiring medicine.

My husband strained his back muscles. Usually that required a two to three-day recuperation time. After one dose of pain medication and a heat pad, it resolved.

I sleep heavier. When I napped prior to the supplement, it would be “rest” where I knew what was happening around me. Now, I fall asleep sound enough to burn my meat.

At night, before I would shut down at 7 PM and yawn excessively. I’d be in bed by 8 PM. Now, my husband and I can be talking to 10 PM without either of us realizing it’s late.

I sleep heavier. I may still get up at 2 AM to write, but when I go back to sleep for just a “rest,” I fall asleep and don’t hear the boys leave for work and school.

But I do wake up rested and feeling like I haven’t just wasted my time in bed.

Prior to taking the supplement, I had hot flashes. I’d have them throughout the day.
They are gone.

Other issues are being monitored.

Prior to the supplement, I was shutting down. I didn’t make bread, bake, or even peal potatoes, if I could help it. Not only my hand pain would hinder the actual function of kneading the dough, forming the cookies or pealing the potatoes, but also the energy it required for me “to do those things.” The motivation was gone. Now, (and maybe because of the Christmas season with it’s added responsibilities, but I don’t think so), I am baking more, looking at old recipes that I haven’t touched for years, and considering new things, rather than shutting down.

Projects that I’ve “put on hold” because they were too frustrating to think about, I am now considering and wanting to complete.

My husband has noticed he can work-out with heavier weights without the soreness that usually came the day after. He’s also noticed the “mental push” is stronger to run faster and harder while he is running.

I do not like all the issues the supplement has brought. I don’t want to be “as big as a cow,” because I do like to eat. It is different not needing to eat, but wanting to. It’s a different way of thinking. And a habit to eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner that I must stop.

Nor do I like the sound sleeping. As I mom, I want to know what’s going on around me, even when I sleep.

But I do like the renewed desire to do things. And the ability to do those things without pain. Those things are worth it to me.

We’ve allowed our boys to choose. Especially since they have their future families to consider…they may outlive their wives…But they’ve had issues that the supplement may address and we have counseled them on those.

We do not know how the supplement works nor how much it will re-vert someone back to “young,” but the daily changes have encouraged us to continue.

Again, it’s not that I want to live forever here. That’s not my desire.

But I would like to live today better. That is happening.

And so, I continue to take it. Allowing God to direct my path, one drop at a time.

What are your hesitations about taking the supplement?

It seems to me that taking MePA and gaining weight are unconnected. Your family recipes give me a clue to where the problem actually lays. Sixteen years ago I gave up eating all animal products, oils, salt, sugar refined grains and processed foods. I now eat only whole grains, legumes, whole fruits and fresh or frozen vegetables, along with a limited amount of flax seeds and raw nuts. My weight normalized; my energy shot up; the pain in my joints all but disappeared; my bouts of depression evaporated; my mind and memory became sharper than they've ever been before and for no particular reason, I find myself in a cheerful mood nearly all the time. Even my hair is fuller and my skin and nails healthier. I want to live forever because I now love life, it is so good and I enjoy it so much. I'm taking MePa with that hope- although after reading Dr. Aardsma's book on it, I feel that only clinical trials will tell if it's truly effective. Because I'm, at age 66, in near-perfect health, I've noticed no change in the 2 or 3 months I've taken it. But the prospect of living several hundred years is motivating enough to take the stuff, even with the tenuous evidence that Dr. Aardsma presents. Blessings to you and your family.

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