He Opened Their Minds to Understand

“He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.” Luke 24:45
Has your mind been opened?
We get stuck in ruts.
We think the same way.
We do the same things.
Routines are good.
Einstein had four identical suits so he wouldn’t have to waste time thinking about what he would wear for the day. He could concentrate on what was important to him.
Habits form from thought patterns.
People wake up and must have coffee, (Me, I have Pepsi.)
Now I must have coffee (Pepsi) to start my day.
We see things from one side. 
We begin to believe that is the only way. 
We approach the Scriptures with certain expectations.
We only see what we want to see.
Jesus must open our minds to understand His Scriptures.
To see Him, not as we expect, but as we should.
What has Jesus showed you from His Word that was different from what you believed?

Has Jesus opened your mind to understand the Scriptures?

How has God opened your understanding to hear His Words?

Really appreciated this article, Titania's comments and then your comments in return. New ideas for studying the Bible to open up our hearts and minds. Thanks.

This is so good! Something we need to challenge ourselves with over and over again. Where am I stuck in a rut? What do I think is true just because of my first impressions or someone else's explanations? How can I dig deeper and search the Scriptures fruitfully?

Last time around, I wrote out the New Testament in my own words (with a lot of looks at Greek meanings, to help me out!). That was such a blessing.

This time, reading through the Bible in 3 months. The big picture!

Next time?

My brother suggests writing outlines of all the chapters/books in the New Testament.

What other suggestions do people have?

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Thanks for sharing. We do get stuck, even in the way we study. Finding a different way to study shows a different perspective.
I like to see the setting. Who was writing? To whom was it written? Why was it written? What was going on historically at the time...that gives greater meaning to the words. (Putting the Old Testament on a time-line helps me see the prophets and how they overlap.)
I also like to consider  what the person knew at the time (although the Word is inspired, it is written in context of their life)
Moses wrote with nothing but the oral stories passed on as history, and then God writing with His Finger the Laws for His people.
I try to see these people as real. i.e. Absalom rejected by his father David, not loved enough to be disciplined, seeking love in the wrong ways. Putting flesh on the people helps their words become more alive to me. 
Praying the Psalms gives more meaning in today's setting.





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