What Does Prayer Do?

October 28, 2015

Ever notice that moms worry? My sons tell me that I imagine things that can never possibly happen. (Little do they know...) I don’t call it worry. It's my reminder to pray. When some uncertainty or uncontrolled event comes to mind, I tell the Lord.

When that same item comes to my mind again and again, I keep giving it to Him. I call that petitioning Him. Like the widow who went before the king daily asking for what she needed. He finally gave it to her, not because he wanted to, but because he wanted her to leave him alone.

Sometimes, there’s a gentle nudge…write that note, say that comment, call that person.
I excuse my disobedience. "I’m too busy." The nudging continues. I stop. I obey. I don’t know why. That’s intercessory prayer: praying for another who is struggling, who needs that kind word today, that reminder that life is worth it, that cause to do what is right. Those prayers remind me that I am not alone. Others fight with me in the battle for right. God is on our side.

Sometimes what I want consumes me, weighs me down.
He waits to answer.
I demand, forgetting Who He is.
He reminds me.
I am humbled.
My need brings me to His feet.
That’s where He wanted me.
I forget what brought me here.
He is enough.

God wants us to bring our needs to Him.
When I do, I find that the request is not the important thing.
He wants me to come.
He wants my fellowship. He wants my attention. He wants my concerns.
God doesn’t need me. He wants me.

God wants to carry my burden.
So often I come with my hands so full that I can’t see over the piles that I have.
He takes those piles from me, puts them out of my sight and says, “Now that you’ve finally come, let’s talk.”
Why does it take the piles of things for me to come?
Why do those things even concern me?
I should just come.

Not because I get what I want. But because I am given what I need.
Not because ‘things’ work out. But because I look beyond the things to see Him Who is important.
Not because I no longer need. But because He is all I need.
Worried? Not anymore. God is near. He’s all I need.

How do you remember to pray? What brings you to Him?

Love the way you put things, really sinks in. "He IS enough." Thanks so much for your sharing, Sonya, it always has something to say to me. And every time I see you in my inbox, I'm reminded that we must get together!

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