Speaking to Him

November 4, 2015

We recently purchased plane tickets for a ‘no-frills’ ride. We could pick our seats for a charge. Consequently, most people were not sitting by their companions. The no frills came with cheapness.

The result was interesting.

At the beginning of the short flight, one woman talked loudly. I thought that she was just a loud person…but as the flight progressed, I realized that she was talking to her spouse five rows behind her. I didn’t think that he was normally a loud person, but he chose to answer her with responses of patience, calmness and even enthusiasm.

She couldn’t wait to tell him what she saw.

Their conversation wasn’t of great importance…just what they saw out their windows, of what kind of city they were landing, their impressions of it. Her contribution was like a child—new and exciting; his response was like a teacher—telling about the city, growing fruits and vegetables for the world. She shared whatever popped into her head. “Look at all the houses!” He encouraged. “It’s a city, all right.” They didn’t care who heard. They shared what they saw.

I saw through their eyes…It was my town. I already knew that we grew fruit for the world. I hadn’t thought that the city was that much a city…I watched out my window, to see what they saw. I looked for the acres of food, for the big city…I saw through their eyes.

Is that what God hears when He listens to us? He enjoys the wonder that we find in what He has made, even though it’s not new to Him. He encourages us to share what He has done, regardless of who else hears… A steady conversation, a talking, a sharing, a telling what we see… so He can encourage, instruct, and perfect what He has started in us. Isn’t that what He craves from us? To have communion with Him?

What keeps me from sharing with God? Is it the distance, not in rows, but in distractions? Have I stopped talking to Him because I have found myself enough? He wants my thoughts to become like His. He wants me conformed to His likeness. How do I do that without talking to Him and hearing what He says? He’s not looking for important words, or I’d fall short. He’s looking for that child that says, “Look at that!” “I want to share that with You.”

He wants us to know Him.

The flight may have been a no-frills flight, but the lesson learned was not cheap. It was worth a lifetimes of sharing, of telling, of listening.

My God wants to hear my words, regardless of how loud I shout and who else hears.

That’s an incredible God!

How do you keep your focus on prayer? How do you eliminate the distractions?

What a great illustration of what God wants from us. It's amazing how many ways God speaks to us if we are listening. Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy what you write. And let me know when you're available for lunch.

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