Freedom to Live

July 2, 2014

With the Fourth of July coming and our nation celebrating its freedom, I'd like to share an excerpt from my book that might encourage you.

The Israelites prepare for their first Passover. Ellis has longed for freedom from Egypt’s tyranny. With Japhet, his young son, and Dinah, his wife, he anticipates the first Passover and what it will bring. He longs for the freedom that his heart envisions.

The four days between the tenth day of the month and the fourteenth passed slowly for Ellis. He could not wait to see his son growing as a free man.

Dinah was cleaning when he returned from his day’s work. She rose from her knees. “Shalom.”

“My busy one, what are you doing?” He took Japhet from her side as she struggled to stand.

“Moses said we must have no yeast in the house. I’ve been cleaning.”

“But do we ever have yeast in the house?”

“No, that’s why I make flatbread, but I guess other Hebrew houses have it. Salome thought maybe we’d feel more a part of the feast if we cleaned.”

Ellis looked not at the house but at Dinah. “The house looks clean and yeast free.”

She laughed.

“I can always tell when you’ve spent time with Salome.”


“You’re renewed like I feel with Nathan, now that I don’t argue with him. What project do you have for tomorrow?”

“We’ll dig horseradish and look for parsley along the canals. That will go well with the lamb, don’t you think?”

Ellis jiggled Japhet on his lap. “I can smell the lamb already.”

Dinah began serving beans from a pot over the coals. “What will freedom be like, Ellis?”

He thought before speaking. His eyes studied the stream of moonlight that reached inside their hut. “I used to think freedom was doing whatever I wanted, but now… I think freedom is holding the peace of God in the palm of your hand. And being able to do what He wants to keep it there.”

Author of Biblical fiction, married to my best friend, and challenged by eight sons’ growing pains as I write about what matters.

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