Do You Have a Dream?

December 31, 2014

With the coming of the New Year, many people make resolutions. When I looked in The Synonym Finder for other words for resolution, I found a spectrum: suggesting an idea, giving an aim, having an intent, declaring a decree, proclaiming an occurrence, and stating a verdict.

Resolutions cause us to look at where we are and dream about where we wish to be.

What changes do you seek? What goals do you have? Where do you see yourself in five years? What’s your ten year plan?

Do any of us control five years?  

Look at Abraham. God gave him his dream. God would make Abraham a great nation, as many as the stars, as many as the sand. Abraham was around seventy years old, a bit old to be having children. But he believed God.

What dream has God given you? Have you asked Him? Are you listening?

Abraham probably surmised his five year plan after hearing this proclamation. He believed God, but after five years, he had no son. He would introduce himself to others, “I am Abraham.” Abraham meant father of many or of a multitude.

They would ask, “Where are your offspring?”

He’d cough and say, “They haven’t come yet.”

They would politely nod, but the look in their eyes told Abraham that he didn’t have much more time to wait.

How is your five year plan on the dream God has given to you? Do you even see it started? Is God’s timing different from yours? Has your dream died? Do others question your God because your dream hasn’t been fulfilled?

After at least ten years of waiting, Sarah suggests that Abraham help God by using her handmaiden. Abraham concedes. Ishmael is born. God tells Abraham, this is not My dream. My dream will be for Sarah and you.

Abraham didn't plan and set goals and evaluate. Abraham walked the next step in the light of what God showed him.

Do we push and shove circumstances to make God’s dream work? Is your dream dead?

Abraham again waits. Abraham spent a lot of time counting the stars. As he changed his campsites, his sandals crossed a lot of sand. He couldn’t count it.

Abraham had no model to show him God. He had no stories of great patriarchs that lived before him. Abraham listened to God. And he was reassured.

Twenty years passed. Abraham became known as the Friend of God. When you are a friend of God, do you need anything else?

But Abraham wanted a son.

Now Abraham is ninety-nine, over twenty years after the dream was given. In today’s standards he would be a failure. No nation could be built now, even if he had one offspring. That's not a multitude. But Abraham believed God. Sarah would have a son. One son. Isaac was born. Abraham was one hundred years old. God was faithful.

Did Abraham accomplish his year plan? Did he even do anything to make his dream come true? He waited. He listened. He became a friend of God.

A nation was born. A promise was given. Abraham’s dream came true. God was glorified.

Where is your dream? What must you do to make your dream come true? Does the way seem impossible? Look to the Dream Giver. Wait. Listen. Become a friend of God.

Does this year bring another year without the fulfillment of your dream? Do you even have a dream? Look to the Dream Giver. Know the friend of Abraham. Listen to His Words.

Got resolutions?

I’d rather have a dream. From God. Watch Him complete it in ways beyond your imagination.

What dream has God given to you? 

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