The following recipes are our family favorites when the weather becomes cold.
The dry mixes can be used as gifts, given in a canning jar with decorative lid or
a coffee cup filled with the mix.



Cranberry Tea
I use this for winter crowds,
like our annual cookie exchange
10 c tea (make 1 teabag = 2 c)
8 c cranberry juice (or cran-raspberry juice)
1- 1 ½ c sugar
3 sticks cinnamon
20 cloves
Heat 15 minutes
Cover. Let set overnight.
Remove teabags (so won’t be bitter)

Hot Apple Cider
Great for cold, winter days.
I keep it on the stove during the day,
Refrigerating at night.
64 oz Apple Cider
1 c lemon juice
1 c sugar
64 oz water
(Cloves/cinnamon sticks)
Heat to almost boiling.

Hot Chocolate Mix
Nice to have during winter months.
Boys help themselves for their morning drink
6 oz Coffee Mate Creamer (dry)
1 lb 9 oz Powdered Milk
1 lb powdered sugar
2 lb Nestles Quick Chocolate
1 dash Cinnamon
Use 3 T heaping/cup of hot water.

Chai Tea Mix
I’ve compared pre-made mixes with this recipe,
Profit margin isn’t great.
Boys use it in the morning while they check animals.
Because of caffeine, I limit it to just older boys after 3 PM
3 ½ c nonfat dry milk powder
2 c sugar
2 c unsweetened instant tea
1 ½ c French vanilla nondairy creamer, powdered
1 ½ c nondairy creamer, powdered
1 ¼ c brown sugar, packed
2 ½ t cinnamon, ground
1 ½ t nutmeg, ground
1 ¼ t cloves, ground
1 t allspice, ground
1/4/ t white pepper
Blend in blender until powdery.
Store in airtight container, in cool dry place.
Use 3 T/cup of hot water. Add dash of milk.




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